Wedding Highlights


By Erick C.

Firstly, who is ECCO? They are a highly innovative Danish company who really set a standard for comfort, style and reliability in the shoe market. These guys have various tanneries in Europe and Asia that distribute leather to other luxury brands and this is a plus for various reasons. Without going too much into their history, lets focus on why this Limited Edition Exostrike has set a new standard in shoe tech. The leather is bonded with an extremely durable material called Dyneema, this fabric is used in bullet proof vests, vehicle armor, and many other products, the quality is such that is considered the strongest fabric in the world. It also has a heel cup which cradles your foot for a snug, stabilizing fit, a highly bouncing material called PHORENE that won’t flatten in any hike winter or summer and add that to a highly cushioned sole and multi-directional lugged tread that provide stability and traction on any terrain, even in extreme hot or cold temperatures.