© StudiosEightyone Creative Photography 2001 - 2018 My name is Erick. I’ve always felt a calling to create compelling images. During my early childhood, I was fascinated by looking at images on billboards and in magazines; Creative Photography interested me more than anything. After years of art classes, training, workshops, and a degree, I started my first job (in TV!) working for Saga Comminucations (an ABC, NBC, Univision and Telemundo affiliate). As my career progressed, I dedicated my time to an advertising agency, and then finally decided to give my own creativity the place it deserved by starting Studios Eightyone Creative Photography. This journey has helped me refine my personal style. I have been taking photos and publishing since 1998, and have won awards for images in billboards, television, and magazines. I am always looking for that little special something in my photos that only seems to come with experience and dedication. I believe that in photography, there is always more to learn and I devote much of my time reading(and trying) any photography information I can get my hands on. Here’s to photos, to learning, and to capturing images that keep my creativity flowing! Follow me in my traveling adventures through instagram! Lifestyle Editorial Wedding Commercial Architectural Portraits About Me StudiosEightyone StudiosEightyone